6 Keys to Help Teachers Achieve the Most in the Classroom

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Presented by Ron Valenti, Ed. D.

CL11156_SiblingFeature_1589846The demands in the classroom are multifaceted. Teachers are conscious of their responsibility to challenge students to achieve to their potential, and they are mindful that new standards are requiring rigorous learning and critical thinking. Outside sources create added pressure on teachers to analyze the results of standardized test scores.  Coupled with all of these demands are the expectations placed on teachers to achieve the most in the classroom.

This webinar will take an analytical approach to looking at key ways in which teachers can be more effective, and how the principal, as the instructional leader who provides resources can ensure that teachers achieve.

The webinar will:

  • Look at the changes necessary to help teachers be more effective
  • Provide some “core strategies ‘that could assist the teacher  to achieve in the classroom
  • Affirm what you are already are doing as a teacher
  • Provide some inner reflection to see how well you are achieving your goals
  • Rekindle the spark that brought you to the classroom in the first place.
  • Achieving in the classroom is a collaborative effort between teacher and principal.

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