Capitol Hill Education Update

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Presented by Michelle Doyle

capitol_buildingSo much of what we hear in the press is that this Congress is not accomplishing much if anything.  In many ways, this applies to their work on education, too.  But there has been some activity recently that is of importance to private school educators, including action by the U.S. Department of Education.

Please join us for a Capitol Hill Education Update webinar for private and religious schools. Participants will learn about all of the following changes and how they impact the implementation of federal education programs for students attending private schools:

  • Appropriation of funds
  • Passage of ESEA in the House
  • Bills for ESEA reauthorization introduced in the Senate
  • New guidance on the use of federal funds of technology
  • Guidance on new method of counting students for Title I
  • Extension of Waivers

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